02. Some of the answers online simulations can be wrong?

It can happen that some of our simulations may mistakenly contain a wrong answer, we encourage you to report it to the following address: testicdl@marynet.it. But it can also happen that we do not realize that the correct answer in the simulations is correct, while you think the opposite. To illustrate based on the old ECDL/ICDL Core: could happen to a question (in the old ECDL/ICDL simulations) like this: "Once emptied the trash can recover files deleted permanently?" the correct answer in the simulations was not, but at this point many of you might argue saying that there are hundreds of programs for recovering data that allow you to do this ... but while it is true that, the correct answer was always "no", this is because the reference syllabus did not include the use and knowledge of programs for data recovery.